About Me


Welcome to my Mind

Kristen Memmolo’s artistic style is one that she has developed, and is still developing throughout her entire life.  Many of the influences in her work are inspired by nature, urban and industrial decay, vintage fashion and burlesque dancers.   She has an eye for finding beauty in things some may find grotesque.

“I see art in the decay of all we have on this earth,

as nature slowly reclaims it as her own.” 

“Things forgotten and left behind inspire me.” 

Kristen’s approach to art is to experiment with mixed media using multiple styles to create something truly unique.  Her work is layered with photography, paint, encaustic wax, welding and more.

In college, the darkroom was her second home.  doing alternative process and collage on photos was where she found her voice as an artist.

As she began to show her pieces she realized she didn’t want to hang them in a purchased frame… she wanted to create something new.  This is when she asked her father to teach her how to weld.  With his instruction she was able to incorporate this process as well, and the welding became an integral part of her art.

The next revelation in her journey as an artist was Encaustic (a Greek word meaning – “to heat or burn in”).  This ancient technique using melted beeswax and dammar resin inspired her to combine all she had learned because of its layering capabilities and archival properties. 

“I want to create something more than just a picture in a frame.   I want the whole piece to be art, even the frame itself.”


Miner 😉